Duran Duran: 1978-2001 – And Their Last True Moment As A Group

This goes way back to the end of the Pop Trash era and tours as an exciting band with Warren, and two other musicians. It lasted for a bit longer, but not much.

Whether it was simply their last creative moment or the very last days of the group named Duran Duran, before they turned into something which can only be called by some other unflattering name, is up to you.

To me and other critical Duran listeners, Pop Trash was their last valid statement, their last point where they produced anything near the level of what could be called creative music with any sort of purpose at all.

Astronaut and Aynin were both highly contrived, cynical ploys at appealing to both charts and fans. (We don’t need to get into those other two albums).

While the Astronaut tour was among their very best, the album itself was flawed, except for perhaps this song, which was the very first one written. It might be the last authentic Duran Duran project, and the song came into being with Andy Taylor’s riff. If only they had been musically honest and creatively functional for the rest of the album.

When they were Still Breathing … momentarily …


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